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Fashion Culture
The fashion industry is changing at every level. These seismic shifts in most areas of the industry have needed to happen for a while but were accelerated considerably by events that took place in 2020.
Biggest Beauty trends of 2020

Biggest Beauty trends of 2020

Year 2020 was quite a year! It had many highs and lows, and was a year to remember for many, for all the wrong reasons. Despite it all, beauty was often a constant comfort to people, even when locked up at home. 2020 offered a time for many to revise their skincare regimes, make homemade beauty and hair care products, and revamp their list of go-to product favorites.
Autumn Winter

Key trends Autumn / Winter 2020- 2021

Autumn/ Winter 2020-2021 brought a flourish of many new or revisited trends on the runway with plenty of leather, colour, volume, romanticism, and texture on show. With so much versatility, you can choose what suits you or adapt each trend into your regular wardrobe to bring it up to date.

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