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Founded in 2020, Fashn Magazine is a market leading source for current fashion and beauty trends, diverse editorial content, cultural commentary and fashion industry news.  

Inspiring content

Placing fashion in the context of the world we live in, Fashn is an influential fashion and industry news magazine with thought-provoking relevant content, for readers and fashion insiders who want to be inspired by the latest in the industry from designers, models, photographers, and fashion writers.

Diverse and inclusive

Fashn is an all-inclusive magazine which aims to always offer diverse representation for all sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation. We truly believe that #fashnfitsall and want to advocate for those who are currently underrepresented in the industry.

Helen Katharine Pettigrew

"Appealing to a wide range of readers, our content aims to inform, inspire and empower,  while providing an incisive commentary on the social, political and cultural ramifications of the role of fashion in today’s society."


Helen Katharine Pettigrew


Originally from Ireland, Helen Katharine Pettigrew is a Barcelona and London based Creative Director and Fashion Stylist.

Early in her career, Helen gained a wealth of experience working in feature films, TV, shorts, commercials and photography shoots, although it was in fashion styling and creative direction that she later found her real passion.

Helen has worked on numerous fashion editorial and advertising shoots for multiple commercial clients, and has assisted backstage at London Fashion Week for designers such as Ashish, the brand NICOPANDA and for Fashion for Relief.

In 2019 Helen achieved a First Class Masters Degree in Fashion Management and Luxury Retail, giving her a unique insight into fashion and luxury business, and academic expertise in sustainability, luxury fashion branding, and the principles of luxury marketing.

She has published multiple research papers about the luxury business strategy to both inspire and engage other fashion lovers, luxury experts and curious readers.

Kenneth Svendlund


Kenneth Svenlund is a Danish fashion editorial and art photographer based out of Barcelona. Possessing a passion for creative and provocative photography, his work is a celebration of the female form through artistic expression.

After Kenneth's editorial and fashion work had been published in various magazines, he decided to make fashion photography and the production of iconic imagery his full time focus which led to the creation of Fashn magazine. 

In parallel to his passion for photography, Kenneth had a strong international career in sales, consulting, and management positions primarily in information technology companies.

Kenneth has always had a strong interest in magazines and publications and a fun fact is that Kenneth's first publication was a class-paper in 6th grade.

"The creativity shown in the fashion industry is really amazing and I'm looking forward to working with creatives from all corners of the world and niches of the industry to publish their best work" - Kenneth Svendlund

Fashion Brands and Creatives

Creative Directors, Photographers, Stylists, Models

The amazing work you see in Fashn Magazine is due to the highly talented creative people we collaborate with to produce our magazine.

Our collaborations with brands, copywriters, creative directors, stylists, photographers, models, MUA's, hairstylists, and many others are the core of our publication.

Content Contributors

Our bigger team

Contributors bring insights, knowledge, diversity, unique perspectives, and much more to the readers of Fashn Magazine. We give our highest credit to all our creative contributors.

We encourage all creative writers, journalists, influencers, and industry researchers who want to contribute to Fashn with inspiring fashion and lifestyle content to get in contact.

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